Clash of the Champions

Tune in every week day between 6pm and 8pm to find out which show won the days Clash of the Champions. 

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  1. Avatar for Troy83cool

    My sister is so bratty

    Sunday, 12 October 2014
  2. Avatar for mark789

    you should do it again

    Friday, 15 August 2014
  3. Avatar for thejukester

    I really like this kind of I think goku is the who going to win

    Thursday, 07 August 2014
  4. Avatar for thecrusher

    hey guys remember the first battle total drama island vs yugioh gx and yugioh gx waslosing i gave lots of votes and yugioh gx won

    Tuesday, 01 October 2013
  5. Avatar for kenny12

    well lad

    Sunday, 29 September 2013
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