Kix Through The Night


A late night round up of everyone's favourite Ninja Turtles.

Kix Through The Night


A late night round up of everyone's favourite Ninja Turtles.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


Kagemaru and Jaden duel each other with all their might as the fate of the world and Duel Monsters spirits everywhere hang in the balance! Part 2 of 2.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


When Chumley is accepted into Industrial Illusions card design program, he must beat Dr. Crowler in a duel to win his consent!

Power Rangers Dino Thunder


The Rangers discover the identities of Elsa and Mesogog.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm


Cam and his father argue because the Sensei is overprotective. Madtropolis drains the Rangers of their powers forcing Cam to go back to the past for a mysterious power source. Part 1/3



The second round of the Final Grand Prix is custom made for Shiro: a speedy section racing through the concrete canyons of a modern city and a rough and tumble endurance segment in the desert.

Iron Man Armoured Adventures


Secrets are revealed and friendships are destroyed forever as Rhodey wears the War Machine armor to save his friends from Zhang and Fin Fang Foom. (Part 2 of 2)

Dragon Ball Z Kai


Can Goku's new abilities beat the androids? In Dragonball Z Kai!

Inazuma Eleven


Mark Evans is the captain of the Raimon Middle School's long-neglected soccer club. With the club on the verge of breaking up, Mark is hoping to kick it into shape.



Just as Evan's attitude prompts a decision to return him to his parents, Storm's mental state is questioned when she hallucinates that ghostly shadows are haunting her.



Yuma tries to finish the duel before the airship Tori is on crashes. (Part 2 of 2)

The Batman


Batman needs to upgrade his Batmobile to keep up with a new swift villain, in The Batman!

Justice League


While Superman struggles to stay alive in the arena, the rest of the Justice League tracks him down and tries to rescue him. Part 2/2

Power Rangers Mystic Force


Jenji gets jealous of Fire Heart so decides to leave him in the forest.

Power Rangers Mystic Force


Evil captures Jenji making his darkest wish come true.

Black Hole High


New student Josie has an interesting first day at school when she and her new roommate Corrine are sucked into a wormhole that takes them back in time.

Even Stevens


Louis is called to fill in a spot on the seventh grade track team. Larry Beale, never missing an opportunity to torment a Stevens, tricks Louis into thinking he's broken the school track record.

Scaredy Squirrel


Scaredy takes it upon himself to rid a sacred holiday of becoming all about money and business.

Scaredy Squirrel


Scaredy's suggestion box proves to be a bad suggestion that he shouldn't have suggested.

Oscar's Oasis


When Manolo drops a coconut with some milk in, Oscar thinks he is in luck. However the Trio take it themselves for their bowling match. Can Oscar retrieve it?

Rekkit Rabbit


When science teacher Wiggsley discovers that Rekkit's tears are a natural source of energy, he kidnaps Rekkit with the hopes of making a fortune.

Rekkit Rabbit


When Rekkit shaves off his fur, he ends up forgetting who he is. It is now up to Jay and Lorne to get Rekkit's memory back, or Mom doesn't stand a chance of getting her job.

Oscar's Oasis


Oscar finds a curious and incredibly loud cuckoo clock on the dump. The Trio nick it off him to replace the horn on their wheelie-bed, but Oscar's not going to let it go without a fight.



Gasp must evict the furry intruder. So the Pets try several wacky attempts to lure it out.



Gasp decides to clean out his fishbowl, but runs into trouble when he realises he can't fill it back up.

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold


Mendoza and his two sidekicks leave in search of Zhu, in The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold


In the Forbidden City, Yu Chunhe is sent into a trap by Hang, in The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

Iron Man Armoured Adventures


Teen genius Tony Stark has just finished his greatest invention: the Iron Man armour and he begins to unravel the mystery surrounding the attack on his father. (Part 1 of 2)



In order to prevent Flip from being disqualified from the WDC, Yuma duels against Dextra and Nistro. Meanwhile Astral faces against an old enemy inside Emperor's Key. (Part 1 of 2)

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers


Dan and Drago face off against Skyress and Shun with the other brawlers scared of the power of the battle.

Power Rangers RPM


It dawns on Dillon that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song. It's the same song that Tenaya 7 sings! Tenaya 7 is hit by memories of her past.

Inazuma Eleven


Raimon have got their first piece of good news, they're going to play an exhibition game! Except that the game is against the toughest team in the whole country.

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold


Our heroes find the 'Stomach of Buddha', in The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

Justice League


Joining forces, Flash and Green Lantern fight to save Central City from the mind control of an evil supergenius named Gorilla Grodd. Part 1/2

The Batman


Will Cosmo Krank be able to stop Bruce Wayne with his toys? In The Batman!

Wolverine and The X-Men


Wolverine is haunted by an emerging memory.

Power Rangers Mystic Force


Imperious has wished the Power Rangers away causing evil to rule.

Power Rangers Mystic Force


The Tribunal of Magic turns down the teens' request to restore things back to the way they were.



As the big race approaches, Kaz is still out in the cold. Then, out of nowhere, Ryu makes him an offer.



Stage one of Gurao's Graduation Race is approaching. While Hebina's holding auditions for the part of "sister-with-a-bad-cough," Team JET's deciding who will go first.