The Yogi Bear Show


Yogi poses as the Amazing Shadrak, a bogus psychic who predicts the future for a picnic basket. But Yogi's own future looks bleak when Ranger Smith uncovers the brainy bear's latest scam! S01 Ep26.

The Yogi Bear Show


Overworked Ranger Smith vacations on a cruise ship. Concerned that he may become lonely and miss their company, Yogi and Boo Boo join their friendly adversary. S01 Ep27.

Oscar's Oasis


Oscar gets hit by a moldy melon and an old feather boa turning him into what looks like a baby chick! The chickens mistake him to be one of their own, but the Trio want him to eat up. S01 Ep26

Oscar's Oasis


Mid-way through a chase, Harchi finds himself with Oscar and separated from his friends. Oscar decides to take him home, but he proves to be rather difficult for the little reptile. S01 Ep27

Oscar's Oasis


Oscar has found a secret weapon, the skunk! No one can stand the skunk's smell apart from Oscar, enabling him to steal the Trio's food. Now though he can't ever leave the skunk's side. S01 Ep28

Oscar's Oasis


When a chicken runs into a fan with Oscar nearby, he finds himself propelled into the air. Luckily he uses the chicken and a fan as a make-shift airplane. S01 Ep29

Oscar's Oasis


Oscar has stolen the Trio's food supply. To get their own back the Trio come up with a cunning plan to put up "Wanted" posters for him. Now the whole desert is after him. S01 Ep30

Oscar's Oasis


Disaster has struck - the Trio are out of candy! When Oscar accidentally gets covered in jelly the Trio mistake him to be a huge sweet and they want to get their teeth into it. S01 Ep31

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


The girls start their own secret club; Nate and the boys will stop at nothing to get in! S01 Ep3

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


The Swell Mart's running out of power! Sweet will have to steal Brainling Farts to keep it going. S01 Ep4

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Sweet is stoked when the world's biggest pre-invasion pop star holds a mysterious concert. S01 Ep5

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Louis builds Robofolks to clean the Swell Mart, and the strict robots drive Sweet nuts! S01 Ep6

Clay Kids


Robbie's wardrobe is accidentally converted into a cloning chamber, and he is quick to take advantage of having an army of himself. S01 Ep19

Clay Kids


Motor creates a new computer game whose addictiveness threatens the productivity of the entire world. S01 Ep20

Dinosaur King


The D-Team head to Cambodia in pursuit of a new dinosaur and soon find that Rod and Laura have beaten them there, and have brought their nursemaid Helga along for support. S01 Ep38

The Spectacular Spider-man


Flint Marko's former partner, Alex O'Hirn, becomes the Rhino. S01 Ep06

Power Rangers Super Megaforce


Before the Rangers can fully celebrate the defeat of Levira, the full Armada invasion begins. S01 Ep19

Team Toon


Ash finds some mysterious red foil in her desk. Dylan thinks it's space age and might signal an imminent alien invasion. The team sets out to find the source of the foil. S01 Ep09

Pirate Express


Esteban ruins the wedding of Newt's brother when he steals the brides' heart. S01 Ep15

Pirate Express


Newt and the Crew compete in a pirate reality TV game show. S01 Ep16



Trying to be "ahead of their time," the band travels into the future to bring back next year's hot music trend. S01 Ep24

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Turret ditches Sweet and joins Y.E.A.H a more organized kid resistance group. S01 Ep40

Total Drama Island


The two teams are divided up with the guys on one team and the girls on the other. A surprise awaits the two teams for the next challenge. S01 Ep14

Clay Kids


Carol's dad Frank has 2 problems, a lack of friends and a sneeze that keeps getting worse. The kids think of a way to resolve both issues, but Frank's fear of doctors hinders their plans. S01 Ep11

Clay Kids


Naomi starts a gossip magazine at school, revealing details of her friends' personal lives and embarrassing everyone. S01 Ep12

Clay Kids


Robbie receives a game console for his birthday and finds out that the controller he's been given has the power to control other people. S01 Ep13

Clay Kids


Naomi keeps repeating the same day over and over again, until she learns that her selfish attitude is what has caused her to be stuck in the loop. S01 Ep14



Yuma loses his invitation to the World Duel Finals Party and panics trying to look for a way to attend the party. S02 Ep1



The finalists duel on a roller coaster. S02 Ep2

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Scoop's new blooper show is a hit... with Emperor Brainlius III. S01 Ep38

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Shakes accidentally gets sucked into the Brainternet! S01 Ep39

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Turret ditches Sweet and joins Y.E.A.H a more organized kid resistance group. S01 Ep40

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Shakes and Nate accidentally douse themselves in a stinky perfume the Brainlings can't resist. S01 Ep41

Dragon Ball Z Kai


King Cold tries to defeat the Super Saiyan, in Dragonball Z Kai! S02 Ep3

Dragon Ball Z Kai


Goku finally returns to Earth, in Dragonball Z Kai! S02 Ep4