Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Nate, Dash, Dan the Man and Rusty Cheevers join forces to escape from Brainlin Prison. S01 Ep37

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Scoop's new blooper show is a hit... with Emperor Brainlius III. S01 Ep38

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Shakes accidentally gets sucked into the Brainternet! S01 Ep39

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Turret ditches Sweet and joins Y.E.A.H a more organized kid resistance group. S01 Ep40

Dinosaur King


Dr. Owen is called in as an expert advisor for a Hollywood dinosaur blockbuster. S01 Ep41

The Spectacular Spider-man


Spider-Man realises the alien suit is ruining his life and tries to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it has grown too attached to Peter, and doesn't plan on leaving him. S01 Ep12

Power Rangers Super Megaforce


Tensou wanders away from the Command Center with amnesia after he's struck by lightning. S01 Ep10

Annoying Orange


Orange the Red, Pear Forkbeard, and the rest of the Viking-fruit set sail to explore the arctic seas. S1 Ep21

Annoying Orange


Tired of being beat up by Grapefruit, and desperate to win Passion Fruit's approval, Orange learns the ancient art of Carrot-te. S1 Ep 22

Pirate Express


Newt has to pass his "drivers" test or risk losing control of the Pirate Express. S01 Ep29

Pirate Express


Newt and the Pirates are sent to retrieve a part-seahorse part-unicorn to help Poseidon win a "Beast in Show" competition. S01 Ep30

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Nate gets trapped in a bunker with Emperor Brainlius III and Brain! S01 Ep30



It's Peaceville's 100th anniversary, and Grojband is playing the original town anthem, written by his great-grandfather, Silas. S01 Ep30

Total Drama Island


The two teams participate in a talent competition and the rivalry between Gwen and Heather intensifies. S01 Ep05

Clay Kids


Flippy accidentally adds his Mom as a friend on Claybook, leading to all the other parents' clamouring to be friends with their kids. S01 Ep3

Clay Kids


Flippy and Motor record a video spoof of a song from a teen duo, hoping to annoy the singers' fans. But their version accidentally becomes a hit itself. S01 Ep4

Clay Kids


Naomi is confined to her room without communication devices, and relies on Carol to run messages to Claybook so she can keep up with what's going on in her complex social life. S01 Ep5

Clay Kids


Robbie and Naomi are abducted by nosey aliens while in the park, and the other kids have to figure out a way to rescue them from the hovering spacecraft. S01 Ep6

Annoying Orange


In the time of applesaurs and banandons, the cave-man Nerville falls in love with a prehistoric babe. S1 Ep23

Annoying Orange


Orange's terrible singing becomes a pop sensation with the wicked beat from a bag of microwave popcorn! S1 Ep24



Yuma embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue Ray from the evil clutches of Vector! S02 Ep46

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Nate and Dan the Man team up to find a secret military base. S01 Ep29

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Nate gets trapped in a bunker with Emperor Brainlius III and Brain! S01 Ep30

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Emperor Brainlius III is on a world record breaking spree. S01 Ep31

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion


Nate finds an old wrestling championship belt and becomes a wrestling superstar! S01 Ep32

Dragon Ball Z Kai


Desperate to kill Cell, Vegeta resorts to using his ultimate attack, in Dragonball Z Kai!

Dragon Ball Z Kai


Goku needs to decide whether power or speed is more important, in Dragonball Z Kai!

Dragon Ball Z Kai


Cell organises his tournament with Android 16, in Dragonball Z Kai!