The worlds most powerful animal bites

These bone-crushing, power-snapping, spine-crunching beasts possess extreme strength when munching on their dinner! Measured in PSI (Pounds of force on an area of one square inch) these mighty creatures pack some bite!

Just so you know a strong human has a flimsy 150 PSI!

10. Lion – 691 PSI 


The King of the jungle has a fierce bite to rival any unwise challengers to that title. Although it does have the weakest bit of all the big cats, its razor sharp teeth make up for this. 

9. Jaguar – 700 PSI 


The pure crushing force of this bite is strong enough to crack through the skull and pierce the brain. Best to avoid a head on collision with this type of jaguar! 

 8. Bear – 740 PSI 


As soft and cuddly as they look, you probably wouldn't want to bump into a wild, hungry bear. The 'bear' brunt of it is they have a mighty bite! 

 7. Alligator Snapping Turtle – 1004 PSI 

Alligator snapping turtle

Despite having no teeth, these small little things don't need any false ones! There jaw power alone is enough to take off a human finger in one.  

 6. Tiger – 1050 PSI 


The cunning stealth of a tiger means when these wily creatures do catch their prey, combined with their huge, devastating bite, they won't be going anywhere.

5. Hyena – 1100 PSI


With lethal force in their bite combined with their supremely strong teeth, a hyena can even devour and digest an elephant’s bones. Getting in a fight with a hyena is no laughing matter!

4. Gorilla - 1300 PSI


These guys don’t spend all their time monkeying around. With extremely strong jaw and neck muscles these apes can munch through any plant. Although vegetarian you still wouldn’t want to wind one up!

 3. Hippopotamus – 1821 PSI


Although they may look harmless, hippos possess the most powerful bite amongst all mammals. A word of advice, never get between a hippo and water as they will charge at you, more people are killed this way than by shark attacks.

 2. Alligator – 2125 PSI


This mean reptile has a ferocious bite and there’s no escaping the mouth an alligator. They feed by grapping and holding their prey and then they simply don’t let go.

1. Crocodile – 5000 PSI


Beating their nearest rival by over double the crocodile is the ultimate biting champ. With an incredible 5000 PSI it is strongly advised not to play a game of Snap with a croc!


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  1. Avatar for AKazmi12

    A tiger should be the king of the jungle not a Lion!

    Saturday, 19 April 2014
  2. Avatar for Shakz117

    I thought that gorrilas,hippos and turtles were intelligent.

    Wednesday, 09 April 2014
  3. Avatar for jamjam25

    never thoght a turtle bit would so powerful

    Monday, 07 April 2014
  4. Avatar for AKazmi12

    I know right!

    Saturday, 19 April 2014
  5. Avatar for awesome678

    I wouldnt want to get bitten by one of those

    Wednesday, 02 April 2014
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