Clash of the Champions...Let the voting begin

Dear Kix fans.

We’d like to share some exciting news with you. News that we hope excites you too.

We're be asking you to vote for the show you most want to see.

Click here to make your vote.


All day long, every week day for 30 days we want you to vote on the website from the two show options we give you.

Clash of the champs voting area

Voting ends at 4pm and at 6pm we’ll show the winning programme for 2 whole hours.

Which show will come out on top in the daily Clash of the Champions?

We won’t tell you which show is winning on the website, but if you tune into Kix throughout the day, you’ll see if the show you voted for is winning. You can vote as many times as you like to try and help show you want to see win!

We’ve got some cool shows for you to choose from so make sure you vote everyday and tune in to watch what you want to see! 


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