Dragon Ball Z Kai now on Kix

Big Exciting News - Dragonball Z Kai is now on Kix.

Click here to find out when you can catch it on the channel. 

Let us know what you think below. 

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  1. Avatar for HammadW

    wen is the buu saga airing on kix?? Been waiting ages

  2. Avatar for mrduv21

    dbz well wiked have u seen goku ssj3

    5 days ago
  3. Avatar for Fearlessjoe

    Can you add Sonic X?

    Last week
  4. Avatar for bigdbzfan

    I AM A DRAGON BALL FAN A BIG ONE!I love dbz it's awsome but the one episode that amused me and made me laugh is when Cell says: ''I LOVE CO

    Last week
  5. Avatar for ryankidd2

    buu saga!

    Last week
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